Clenbuterol – Lose the Fat and Build the Muscle!

by Mark on September 7, 2016

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How to build muscle with Clenbuterol

Clenbuterol is a sympathomimetic amine that was originally formulated for treatment of asthma. But it has been found effective in promoting weight loss and muscle growth as well, which makes it a favorite supplement of bodybuilders everywhere.

Wouldn’t you love to take a pill and enjoy easy weight loss with lean muscle retention? Plus practically everyone would like a supplement that gives you energy and endurance. Many athletes would love the performance enhancing properties of this tablet, and many celebrities already use its fat burning properties to stay in shape. Now is the time for you to develop a body that is lean and ripped by using the powerful thermogenic known as Clenbuterol! Get it from its website.

As a thermogenic food supplement, Clen is up to three times more effective than other popular weight loss drugs like Ephedrine.

Check the Clenbuterol FAQ section at the end of the article where most common questions are answered.

What Exactly is Clenbuterol?

Clenbuterol or Clen is not a steroid as many people think. So what is Clenbuterol? Its drug class is Beta 2 Sympathomimetic and it is a central nervous system (CNS) stimulant. Clen has been around for at least 3 decades. It was developed as a treatment for asthma and other respiratory problems. It was prescribed for the obstructive pulmonary disease because it is a smooth muscle relaxer. As a bronchodilator and decongestant, it made breathing easier for those suffering from breathing disorders. Clenbuterol is the generic name, but you may see it marketed as Spiropent, Dilaterol, and Ventipulmin. Another use for this drug soon came to light. It works as a weight loss agent and as a performance enhancing drug.

Clenbuterol’s Performance Enhancing Capabilities and the IOC

Clenbuterol customer reviewsAfter it was discovered that Clenbuterol had weight loss and muscle building characteristics, it became wildly popular. Other aspects of this drug include stamina building and performance enhancing properties. Athletes clamored to get some of this drug. As it turns out, the drug was soon banned from most athletic competitions.

The IOC or International Olympic Committee banned clenbuterol as a performance-enhancing drug. Soon the World Anti-Doping Agency also included clenbuterol on their list of performance enhancing drugs and prohibited athletes from using it. Sprinter Katrin Krabbe missed the 1992 Summer Olympics due to a 3-year suspension for taking the drug. There are a number of other stories about famous athletes being suspended and even stripped of their titles for using this drug.

Why Was Clen Banned

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has banned Clenbuterol for human and most animal consumption. It is only approved when a veterinarian prescribes it for horses that are affected with asthma related symptoms or an airway obstruction. In fact, many horses are affected with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) which may also be called heaves. The FDA bans clenbuterol for any animals that are used as food for humans.

In other countries where Clenbuterol is not illegal, its use in food animals has resulted in adverse reactions in humans who ingested the meat. For example, in China in 2011 certain pig farmers fed their pigs the illegal drug Clenbuterol to accelerate muscle growth for leaner pork. After ingesting the tainted pork, people had headaches, nausea, and tremors.

Clenbuterol Side Effects

There are a few Clenbuterol side effects that you should be aware of. It may cause nervousness, paranoia and anxiety. Physical tremors may accompany the nervous symptoms, and shakiness may occur that is similar to a lot of caffeine intake. Clen may cause sleep problems, so the drug should not be taken at night. Rapid heartbeat and higher blood pressure may occur when taking the drug. But most folks don’t need to worry. Even aspirin may have certain side effects such as heartburn, nausea, ulcers, kidney problems, hepatitis, and cardiovascular problems. These side effects are usually rare and most folks don’t experience them.

Clenbuterol is used by celebrities

Hollywood Weight Loss Secret

Many Hollywood stars see Clenbuterol as a miracle bodybuilding and weight loss pill. These celebrities use the drug to slim down rapidly, especially if a choice movie role is on the line. Rumor has it that Britney Spears, Victoria Beckham, and Lindsay Lohan have used the drug for weight loss.

Clenbutrol is a prescription free alternative to Clenbuterol, but they are basically the same. Clenbutrol increases your body temperature a wee bit so that your basal metabolic rate (BMR) accelerates. This helps you burn through calories and shed body fat rapidly. Even the flow of oxygen is increased so that your muscles can handle a more intense workout.

You can buy safe Clenbuterol online under the name Clenbutrol.

Getting fit and fabulous does not happen overnight. It requires sheer determination and hard work. That is why there are some people who give up in frustration half way in their bodybuilding journey. So it is a good thing that there are supplements such as Clenbutrol which can make things a little easier for people to achieve their fitness goals.

Clenbuterol Cycles

You should understand the Clenbuterol cycle or cycles which are concerned with the time you take the pill and its dosage. There are cycles or schedules for men and cycles for women. Clenbuterol should be taken in the morning to avoid sleepless nights. Since it stays active for about 24 hours, one dose a day ought to suffice. You can start a cycle by slowly weaning yourself onto the required dosage and weaning yourself off when the cycle is done. Some cycles include a dosing schedule of 2 days on and 2 days off. However, some folks prefer 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off cycle. You can find Cycle Tables on this website.

Clenbuterol Results – What You Can Expect?

You should see Clenbuterol results start to appear on your body relatively quickly. Clen is one of the most effective fat burners on the planet. You will be amazed at how sleek and slim you look. Plus anyone who is into body building will see their muscle mass increase dramatically. It is worth a try if nothing else has worked for you.

Clenbuterol results and effects

Clenbutrol – Safe and Effective

If you are one of those individuals wondering where to buy clenbuterol but wary of the side effects of the drug, then try Clenbutrol instead. Aside from fat loss, you can use this for cutting cycles, boosting your energy and muscle endurance and retaining the lean muscles.

There are a lot of health supplements being sold in the market so it is important to get to know a product first before deciding to take one. We are talking about something that you will put inside your body so safety should always be the number one priority. One of the leading products when it comes to supplements is Clenbutrol. But then again, what is Clenbutrol?

The Benefits and Safety of Clenbutrol

First, it is important to note that Clenbutrol is not a miracle pill that will give you your dream body quickly. Of course, to achieve your goals, you still have to work hard for it. But, Clenbutrol can definitely make your life easier.

How does it work? Basically, Clenbutrol is a supplement which is best taken before working out to help lose unwanted body fats and at the same time retain the lean muscle in your body.

There are a lot of people who can attest to the Clenbutrol benefits which do not just stop on fat reduction. Those who have been taking this supplement have noticed a significant improvement in their strength and stamina. As we all know, stamina is important to keep you going and to remain active for a longer period of time. With better stamina, you can achieve your weight goals even faster.

Also, one great thing about this supplement is that it is made from natural ingredients. After all, we are talking about Clenbutrol from Crazy Bulk and this company is known for providing the best steroid alternatives in the market. Their products do not have harmful side effects which are usually caused by chemicals and other hazardous substances. It goes without saying that if it is from Crazy Bulk, then it must be safe.

Clenbuterol results and benefits

Clenbutrol versus Clenbuterol

You already have heard of Clenbuterol and wondering how it differs from Clenbutrol. Clenbuterol became popular among people who suffer from breathing disorders such as chronic asthma. It has also gained popularity among health buffs because it’s a very effective fat-loss treatment. It worked well and did wonders, especially among athletes.   

However, Clenbuterol sometimes does more harm to the body than good. It has caused quite a stir because of the side effects that were observed and experienced by those who used it extensively. Some of the side effects include vomiting, difficulty in breathing, increased heart rate, and hypertension. There are also other minor side effects such as palpitations, muscle cramps, nervousness, insomnia, headaches, and anxiety, just to name a few.

Those known side effects were enough for Clenbuterol to be declared as illegal in the US. In fact, it has been banned by the FDA. Some athletes who have been found using it were even banned from competing. It may be effective, but it’s also very potent and dangerous.

The Safer and Better Alternative

Fortunately, Crazy Bulk came up with a safe Clenbuterol alternative. It is important to put an emphasis on the word ‘safe’ here. What can be better than a product made from natural ingredients such as Garcinia Cambogia and Guarana? These are plants which are famous for their weight-loss properties and are often used in weight-loss products.

Clenbuterol discount offerClenbutrol, the safer alternative, is based on the science of thermogenesis. Although it may sound too scientific and a bit complicated, the principle behind it is simple. Thermogenesis is a metabolic process and is the production of heat in our body. It promotes weight loss by helping our bodies burn more calories. As stated, the supplement works best when taken before working out because it can give you more energy and improve your stamina. Because of that, you can work out longer and burn more fats in the process.

Clenbutrol increases the internal temperature of your body, resulting in the acceleration of the basic metabolic rate. As your metabolism goes up, your body will burn stored fats first before other fuel sources. You’ll then be burning calories fast, eliminating body fat quickly. In the end, you’ll have a ripped body.

By increasing the flow of oxygen in your body, Clenbutrol will boost your cardiovascular performance as well. You’ll notice that your body can already take longer and more intensive workouts after just a few days of using Clenbutrol.

And because it comes in tablet form, there is no need to use needles in administering this drug, something that most people will really be happy about. You also won’t need to have a prescription to be able to buy Clenbutrol. For best results, take this food supplement three times a day for at least two months, and even on days when you are not working out.

Safe and effective – these two words pretty much summarize what Clenbutrol is. Thanks to it, the road to fitness will be a lot easier to endure and the goal of having a slimmer and sexier body won’t be so far-fetched after all.

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Clenbuterol FAQs – Readers questions answered

How Clenbuterol works?

If you’re into bodybuilding and gaining muscle, Clenbuterol can work for you in 3 ways.

First, it works as a stimulant. It stimulates your central nervous system, and it boosts your aerobic capacity and your capacity to transport oxygen throughout your body. This means you can really get a more effective workout.

Second, it works as a fat burner. This is the main reason why even non-athletes love Clen. It boosts your metabolism so that your body uses up more calories.

Finally, it also helps you retain your muscle mass. This is a crucial advantage for athletes and bodybuilders. In the bulking cycle of their training, bodybuilders can gain muscle, but they also retain water and gain fat. The cutting cycle helps get rid of the water and fat, except that this may also reduce the muscle mass as well. With Clen, athletes can get rid of the water and fat without sacrificing their muscle mass for even just a little.

Which celebrities use Clenbuterol?

Several well-known athletes have tested positive for Clenbuterol use. These include:

  • Lucas “Big Daddy” Browne, Australia’s first heavyweight boxing champion
  • Carter Ashton, a player on the NHL team Toronto Maple Leafs
  • Erik Morales, Mexican boxer
  • Kim Ji-Heun, South Korean swimmer
  • Guillermo Mota, pitcher for the MLB team San Francisco Giants

Many doctors also alleged that several high-profile celebrities use Clen for their weight loss benefits. According to the rumor mill, these included Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, Nicole Ritchie, and Victoria Beckham.

Clenbuterol weight loss benefits

Who can use Clenbuterol?

That depends on where you are and how much you comply with the rules. Legally speaking, you won’t be able to use this in the US, since it’s not allowed by the FDA. You may be able to use this if you’re in another country, however.

For the most part, the people who can really use this are celebs and athletes. Celebrities such as models and actresses need to keep trim and slim all the time, or else they may lose jobs and assignments. Athletes are also very common users of Clenbuterol.

What is Clenbuterol good for?

Veterinarians may use Clen in various ways, although this depends on the country it is used in. In some parts of the world, it is used to treat allergic respiratory disease in horses while it may also help cows relax when they’re about to give birth. Some vets may even use it to bulk up their livestock.

But for people, it is most commonly used for weight loss. It is also used by many bodybuilders and athletes because it helps them retain their muscles during their cutting cycle.

When is Clenbuterol most effective?

For bodybuilders, it’s most effective during the cutting cycle. This is when you stop bulking up and you concentrate on shedding the water and fat you tend to gain when you’re building up your muscles. Clen is perfect for the job since it really burns the fat while it also helps you maintain your muscle mass. Without Clen, when you shed your excess fat you can’t help but lose some muscle as well.

When does Clenbuterol kick in?

It all depends on the person, of course. But in general, its effects are almost immediate. It’s in stark contrast to anabolic steroids that may require you to wait for a couple of months before you notice any significant improvement.

Why cycle Clenbuterol?

When you cycle Clem, it means taking it for just a few weeks at a time and then stopping for a while before resuming another cycle. Each expert may have a different idea as to what the proper cycle is.

Some experts recommend a 2-week, 2-week off cycle, with an ECA stack (ephedrine, caffeine, and aspirin) during the off weeks. While its fat burner effects can last about 6 to 8 weeks, its muscle building and muscle retaining properties can disappear after 18 days. Since it has a half-life of about 35 hours, using it for two weeks straight seems optimal.

It also gives your body time for some relief from the drug, and you also make sure that your body doesn’t build up a tolerance for Clen.

Why is Clenbuterol illegal?

It’s because the side effects its causes are quite serious, and many people are prone to abusing it.

  • The short-term effects may only last for 8 to 10 days, but it’s a long list of symptoms. The most common ones include tremors, headaches, nervousness, muscle cramps, nausea, insomnia, and increased blood pressure.
  • Overdosing on Clen can be highly toxic, and its danger is increased because of its long half-life. In China, hundreds of people have been hospitalized in two separate instances when people ate Clen-contaminated meat.
  • The long term side effects of Clen are not yet complete understood, but studies indicate various types of cardiac issues, and it can worsen any preexisting blood pressure and heart conditions.

Therefore I recommend Clenbutrol as a natural Clen alternative.

How Clenbuterol burns fat?

The simple answer here is that it boosts your metabolism. It accelerates how you burn up the calories you consume. So if you go on a diet, you limit your calorie intake. When you work out, you increase your calorie use. That means it’s much more likely that you’ll have fewer calories for your energy needs. To compensate, your body will then burn up your fat cells for energy. That’s the biological purpose of fat cells in the first place. They’re reserve power. Clenbuterol simply makes it more likely that you’ll need that power so you burn the fat cells and become slimmer.

Where to buy Clenbuterol?

It’s a bit difficult to buy Clenbuterol if you’re a newbie since its legal status is a bit murky. Your best bet is to know someone who uses it, or who uses anabolic steroids. You can then be introduced to their seller, who can provide you with your Clen supply. Your doctor may also prescribe you Clen if you really need it, or you may know a vet or doctor who can sell it to you as well.

In some countries outside the US, it may be more openly sold, especially among the gym crowd. It’s also possible for you to go online to buy Clen, but you should first make sure that the website is reputable. You can go to some bodybuilding forums where some people may recommend trustworthy websites that sell pharmaceutical grade- Clenbuterol. They may then deliver it even to the US.

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