A Guide to the Best Pre Workout for Women

by Mark on March 27, 2017

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The best pre workout for women

The best pre workout for women is of course taken prior to engaging in exercise. With the right supplements, you will get boosts in stamina, endurance, strength and energy. We know that exercise is important, but often times it’s difficult to get started. With the right pre workout, you’ll have the energy to do intense workouts.

What are the benefits of pre workout?

Pre workouts are essential because it boosts your energy, endurance, and focus. Depending on the supplements you take, pre workouts can also stimulate weight loss. The supplements we have here also improve focus while increasing energy. Unlike synthetic products, these pre workout supplements enhance focus while reducing stress.

Pre workouts also increase endurance. Diet and warm ups are important, but pre workouts augment your physical strength. These pre workouts, done 30 minutes before exercise, boost physical power and enhance anaerobic power. You’ll have more intensity and do more for your body.

What should include the best pre workout for women?

Pre workout for womenCaffeine

No supplement guide will be complete without caffeine as it boosts your physical endurance and alertness. Take this on a regular basis and you’ll build muscles and burn calories.

Beta Alanine

Combined with histamine, beta alanine boosts carnosine levels in your muscles, reducing the buildup of lactic acid. When beta alanine is included in a pre workout drink for women, you’ll have greater physical endurance and better lean muscle mass retention.

Citrulline Malate

Citrulline Malate is one of the top supplements because it enhances blood flow in your muscles. It widens your blood vessels while you exercise, allowing more blood and nutrients to get in your muscles. The extra oxygen and nutrients also reduce fatigue. You’ll also be more focused and exert more effort during workouts.

Betaine Anhydrous

Betaine Anhydrous is one of the best pre workout supplement for women because it boosts physical strength. Your body produces this substance naturally and it is also found in seaweed, beets, and spinach. However, it is also available in supplemental form. This is also FDA approved and is a deterrent against osteoporosis and heart disease.


A healthy supplement usually includes Bioperine. Extracted from black pepper, its role is enhancing your body’s ability to absorb nutrients. If a supplement has Bioperine, the bioavailability of the other ingredients is enhanced.

Pre workout drink for women

Vitamin B12

Any list of supplements won’t be complete without vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 promotes a development of proteins, nerve cells and blood cells in your body. Vitamin B12 also boosts energy levels and allows you to work out at peak levels for longer periods.


Phosphatidylserine reduces cortisol levels in your body. Cortisol stimulates fat storage, so cutting the level leads to faster weight loss.

Pre workout supplements for women

Green Tea

Green tea is good for pre workout because it promotes fat burning. The catechins in green tea increase your metabolism and act as a norepinephrine breakdown inhibitor. As you work out, the norepinephrine hormone instructs fat cells to use fat as energy.


Evodiamine is found in several pre workout for women products because it works like an antioxidant and boosts energy levels. Evodiamine is also a mood enhancer and increases the fat burning rate during workouts.

CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid)

CLA is a fatty acid obtained from dairy products and meats. However, the CLA in animals is no longer high quality because they’re on a grain diet instead of grass. It is for this reason why it makes sense to include CLA in your supplement.

 *Pre Workout Myths and Facts*

There are a lot of myths concerning pre workout supplements for women, and we need to clear them up here. Before starting a pre-workout regimen, we have to get the facts straight so you know what you’re doing.

Myth: Only Men Benefit from Pre Workout

Fact: this is not true. Men and women benefit from pre workouts, enhancing your workout routines and enhanced energy. You also get the extra boost to jump start your exercise workouts. The fact is there are days when it’s just hard to get motivated to work out.

What these pre workout supplements do is give your body and mind the boost required for intense workouts. Going through the motions just won’t cut it, so they’re essential. However, supplements will only work if the proper amount is taken.

A lot of supplements are suitable for men and women, but some supplements are specially formulated for women. At the same time, avoid supplements like D-aspartic acid, fenugreek, and tribulus as they’re for men only.

Healthy pre workout


Myth: Pre Workouts Give You Sleepless Nights

Fact: this myth probably stems from the use of caffeine. However, the caffeine used in supplements is not as potent as in coffee. It is true that caffeine increases alertness and heart rate, but does it necessarily deprive you of sleep? Caffeine tolerance varies, so it’s not correct to make a sweeping statement about pre workouts with caffeine.

Start with a small amount of caffeine and work your way up. See how much your body can take without affecting your sleeping patterns. If you still have doubts about caffeine, go for natural caffeine as they’re more balanced. Natural caffeine also provides a more gradual rise compared to regular caffeine.

Myth: Pre Workouts Lead to Hyperactivity

Fact: This is a little difficult to answer because pre workout supplements are meant to give you more energy. Will you feel hyper after taking a healthy pre workout drink? Perhaps, but that’s the point, and you’ll be able to use this energy to do more workouts. Rather than hyper, the right word is perhaps energized.

Myth: Pre Workouts Make Your Muscles Too Big

Fact: many women don’t want large muscles and are more concerned with being fit, toning and maintaining their body. The thinking is that pre workout supplements will accelerate muscle growth, but that’s not true.

Are there pre workout supplements for muscle gain? Yes, but that will only happen if you take specific pre workouts that promote muscle gain. An example of this is creatine. If you take this supplement pre workout, you can expect gains. Even so, gains are dependent on the kind of workout you do.

If you’re on a healthy diet (i.e. less than 5,000 calories daily) and your weight reps are 12 to 20, you’ll gain lean muscle, nothing too large. If you eat more and lift heavier weights, you will pack larger, heavier muscles.

Best pre workout supplement for women

Myth: Pre Workouts Make Women Feel Jittery

Fact: this will only happen if you take more caffeine than your body can tolerate. As long as the amount is within tolerable levels, this won’t be an issue. As we mentioned earlier, you can use natural caffeine as an alternative to other caffeine. If you’re still feeling jittery, take a supplement with L-Theanine. L-Theanine acts as a relaxant without working like a sedative.

Myth: Pre Workout isn’t Healthy

Fact: Taking nitrate, beta alanine, caffeine and the other supplements here aren’t health risks. In fact, they’re good for your body. These supplements won’t change female vital signs or adversely affect hematological markers.

Myth: All Natural Pre Workout Supplements are the Same

Fact: this is 100% false. Not all supplements are made equal, as some are belter than others. Even those with similar ingredients won’t have the same effect as the amount can vary. The presence of other ingredients in the supplement could have a positive or negative effect as well.

Natural pre workout supplements

Diet and Pre Workouts

Protein and carbs should make up the bulk of your diet whether you’re trying to gain muscle or keeping fit. It’s also important to eat a couple of hours before working out. Some prefer to work out in the morning, while others do so in the afternoon or evening. It doesn’t matter as long as you eat healthy.

The efficiency of workouts is not enhanced by working out on an empty stomach. Your workouts won’t lead to additional fat loss, and in fact could be detrimental to your progress.

Your body needs energy for exercise, and the best source is food. If your body doesn’t have enough fuel, it’s going to burn through your muscle reserves. You could end up losing more muscle instead of gaining. So make sure you’ve eaten some food before hitting the gym.

If your objective is to lose weight, consume 10 grams of BCAAs or a scoopful of whey protein half an hour before working out. It might not seem like much, but either one will give your muscles the boost necessary to engage in intense workouts. BCAAs or whey protein also stimulate muscle buildup and prevents an excessive breakdown of your muscles.

Your pre workout drink affects your workout routines. A pre workout drink – instead of just one for post workout – boosts your BCAA levels up to two hours after your workout is complete.


Taking the best pre workout for women has a significant effect on your workouts, and it’s all for the better. Yes, synthetic supplements do more harm than good, but all the pre workouts we listed here are natural. As long as you take them before working out, you will feel that energy boost.

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